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About Lifetouch Medical Massage

Live your Best Life, One Step at a time

See that picture up there? That one of me at the Summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro?  That adventure was several years in the making and one of the hardest physical and mental challenges of my life.  My slogan - Live Your Best Life, One Step at a Time - comes from that journey, and Lifetouch Medical Massage comes from the lessons I learned preceding, during, and following that dream of climbing the highest freestanding mountain peak in the world. 

My journey into the Massage Therapy world really began when I was a personal trainer and group fitness instructor.  Clients would come into the gym and complain of muscle soreness after an intense workout.  I would try to work out the soreness so that they could continue with their training. Then I took a class called Ortho Kinetics and this was my first initial step into Bodywork and manipulating soft tissue to improve structure and function of the body's joints.  This was amazing work to me. I was hooked on helping people move better, which made them feel better, which made them move better. What a wonderful and fulfilling thing to be able to do for people. That's when I started thinking about Massage Therapy as a supplement to my fitness training. Soon I found a Massage school that was close to home, had night classes, and provided financial aid so I jumped in, went to school, studied and got my Massage License in 2012. 

But Life is a kick in the butt. Things did not go as planned.  I found myself in a horrible and extremely toxic relationship. He was physically, verbally, mentally, and financially abusive.  Before getting out, I ended up losing my business, my home, my financial security,  and mostly, my sense of self. I was lost and now had a newborn baby to take care of in addition to my 3 teenage daughters. 

But fortunately, I am also a fighter. My wonderful new husband calls me stubborn. I call in tenacity, perseverance, and determination.  

I refused to let my situation get the better of me. I found life again with the support of the most wonderful friends. 

I decided to do the Kilimanjaro climb even though I was broke and out of shape. It was not easy. It was extremely hard. Every step up the mountain and every step back down hurt. But I was inspired and determined to reach the top. I had  to prove it to myself. The words of Iron Cowboy, James Lawrence in his book Redefine Impossible, got me to the top. "One Step at a Time". No matter what happens you can always take One. More. Step. 

And that is exactly what I did, and eventually I did reach the top. All alone (with my guide), I did it.

I knew at that moment that I could accomplish anything that I put my mind to.  I knew that I would rebuild my life and that I would live the best life that I could.

I knew that I would rebuild my business and that it would be even better than the one I lost.  That is when the seeds of Lifetouch Wellness, DBA Lifetouch Medical Massage were born. 

Two and a half years later, after many setbacks and delays, including a Global Pandemic, that dream became a reality. 

I keep the picture visible to me as a reminder that no matter how hard things get, all I need to do is continue taking the next step. Just the next one.

Thank you for being a vital part of my journey. I look forward to serving you and helping you achieve your best life, one step at a time.