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Lifetouch Medical Massage

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About Lifetouch Medical Massage Therapy

Here at Lifetouch Medical Massage, we care about your quality of Life. If you are having pain in any area of your body, that affects the things you do everyday. We want you to walk, run, play, and live Pain Free!


We incorporate a variety of techniques to get you moving functionally and optimally. Every first time client starts with a thorough postural and functional movement assessment to help us best determine how to proceed with your customized treatment plan. 


Techniques used may include Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage, Orthopedic massage,  Lymphatic Massage, Trigger Point, Structural Integration,  Myofascial Release, Myoskelatal Activation, Active/Passive Release, Raindrop Therapy, CBD Pain Relief, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, PNF Stretching, and more. Each session is customized to your specific need for that session. The massage you need is the massage you get


Massage Services


Custom Massage

Custom Massage session for relaxation, stress reduction, improved circulation, and pain relief. Your personalized massage is tailored to your specific body and the goals for the massage are defined in collaboration with a thorough assessment, and continued communication between you and your therapist.


Raindrop Massage

Raindrop Massage incorporates 9 different Essential Oils applied directly to reflex points on the feet and "dropped" along the spine. The oils are absorbed as different feathering, and light strokes are applied to the back along the spine. This gentle technique is great for balancing the body systems and may help improve the immune system and overall feeling of wellbeing.


CBD Pain Relief Massage

Adding CBD Massage Oil to your session can help enhance your massage and provide extra pain relief.


Chair Massage

 A chair massage is ideal for those who may be uncomfortable or unable to lay on the table, those who would prefer to stay fully clothed, or if you are running short on time but high on stress.


Special Offers

Purchase (3) or (6) Personalized Massage sessions in advance and receive up to $10 off per session


Coming Soon!!

Things to look forward to....

Look for the addition of a new therapist!

James Hineman will be joining the team. This means more available hours for massage and additional services. 


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